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Staff List

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Principal: Miss Denise White

Assistant Principal: Mrs Charlotte McLeish (English Lead)

Vice Principal: Mr Stefan Bishop

Senco: Mrs Catherine Wickham / Mrs Nicola Bryant on maternity leave


Middle Leadership Team (MLT)

EYFS Leader: Mrs Marianne Eaton

KS1 Leader: Mr Stefan Bishop

KS2 Leader (Maths Lead): Mrs Natalie Andrews


Teachers / T.A. and Nursery Nurses


Miss Laura Pennyfather and Miss Louise Franks / Mrs Angela Herlihy

Reception (Owls)

Mrs Marianne Eaton (Phonics) / Miss Coral Hughes

Ms Zoe Dowe Mrs Dawn Smith


Year 1 (Fireflies)

Mrs Emma Pope / Mrs Tina Norman

Mrs Dawn Earles / Mr Tim Price


Year 2 (Butterflies and Bumblebees)

Mr Stefan Bishop  / Miss Katie Austin

Mrs Anne Kay (Science Lead)  / Mrs Val Percy


Year 3 (Foxes and Otters)

Mr Phil Watts / Mrs Julie Clarke

Mr Geoffrey Holmes  / Mrs Julie Clarke


Year 4 (Hedgehogs)

Miss Anisa Cuthbertson  / Mrs Lorraine Austin and Mrs Julie Sharpe


Year 5 (Eagles)

Mrs Lisa Gibson (R.E. Lead) /  Mrs Janet Clarke and Mrs Sarah Manvell


Year 6 (Dragonflies)

Mrs Natalie Andrews / Mrs Kate McCrann



Mrs Zena Brooks and Mrs Julie Sharpe


Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs Susan Kemmett


Speech and Language TA

Mrs Sharon Cradduck


Administration Team

Business Manager

Mrs Sam Plumbridge


Office/HR Manager

Miss Jo Newham


School Secretary/Receptionist

Mrs Sally Nascimento



Mrs Jane Maton and Mrs Lorraine Smith


Site Staff

Site manager

Mr John McCrann


Miss Vikki Fowle
Mrs Gina Collins
Mrs Lorraine Austin
Mrs Donna Sargent
Miss Annette Franks


Lunch time Staff

Mrs Gina Collins
Mrs Sarah Pile
Mrs Zoe Hilden
Miss Coral Hughes
Miss Annette Franks
Miss Angela Holness
Mrs Lisa Hedger


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Gina Collins
Mrs Sarah Pile