Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Welcome to Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Term 1

Term 1 is due to be a busy and exciting term. We will be finding out about the history of western civilizations, their expanding empires, which helped to spread ideas about architecture, food, entertainment, literature, science, medicine and politics across the globe. As their empires ended, other cultures rose to prominence, absorbing and passing on their own ideas and cultures – creating the world as we know it today.

Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 and our topic, Rivers Deep and Mountains High. It’s going to be a very busy and exciting term. During this term’s work we will be learning what mountains, rivers and coasts actually are, some of the forces that help create and shape these important features and the effects they have on the world around them. We will be learning about the climates, human interactions and lifestyles shaped by the mountains, rivers and coasts of the world.

Term 3

Our topic this term is ‘Earth and Space’ and was chosen by the Year 5 pupils. During the term, we will be learning about space exploration and the impact that it is having on our lives on Earth. In Science we will be learning about our place in the solar system and we will then be extending our inquiry into all other areas of the curriculum. We are looking forward to producing space themed art and design work, listening to and composing space music, writing letters to NASA and ESA UK to ask our research questions, completing geographical studies of the Earth as seen from space and finding out about the history of space exploration.

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