Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Welcome to Year 5 – Nightingale Class

Term 1 – Who we are

In Year 5 the children will be starting the term thinking about how their actions can affect other people around them as well as themselves. The children have chosen to learn about philosophers and scientists, athletes and superheroes. The philosophers and scientists we will focus on are Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo, René Descartes and Stephen Hawking. We will also be looking at how humans age and grow and how this affects learning and development.

Term 2 – Where we are in space and time

In Year 5 this term, the children will be investigating how climate change is affecting the planet. They will be considering the causes of climate change in history, looking at the Earth and space around it and deciding what they can do to ensure a positive future for the planet. As part of this they will be designing and creating a model of an invention to help support people living in poverty in Malawi to overcome one of a number of issues they face.

Term 3 – Where we are in space and time

In Year 5 this term, the children will be comparing different political models around the world and throughout history. They will be developing an understanding of both why and how we vote in the UK as well as gaining an understanding of why it is important to vote. They will gain skills to enable them to be able to decide what is important to them personally when voting and how to use this to choose a side to vote for. They will be learning about how our parliament is formed and the roles involved and will be forming a mock parliament in the class to share responsibilities.

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