Year 1 – Chaffinch Class

Year 1 – Chaffinch Class

Welcome to Year 1 – Chaffinch Class

Term 1 – Who we are

Our first Theme this year is ‘If you go down to the woods…’ So we will be using our school environment to explore animals and their habitats and learning about the importance of looking after where we live and the impact this has on humans and animals. We will be exploring different cultures and traditions, particularly harvest festival and how this is celebrated around the world.

Term 2 – How we express ourselves

This term we are exploring celebrations and festivals from around the world. We have begun by learning the story of Guy Fawkes and are looking at why we celebrate ‘Bonfire night’ and how to stay safe around fireworks. We will be discussing how people in other cultures and countries celebrate festivals and making comparisons between our beliefs and those of others. We will be thinking about those that fought in wars so that we can be safe through ‘Remembrance’ day. We will be talking about ‘Diwali’ and ‘Hannukah’ and of course we will be having our own Christmas celebrations by expressing ourselves through singing, acting and creative activities.

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