Year 2 – Dove Class

Year 2 – Dove Class

Welcome to Year 2 – Dove Class

Term 1

Our topic this term is ‘Only One Me’. We will be focusing on our well-being throughout the topic; in Science we are learning about healthy living and different emotions will be explored in English. We will also be developing our map making skills before starting our own project in design and technology.

Term 2

Our topic this term is ‘Who was to blame for the Great Fire of London?’ We will be focusing on history throughout the term however we will be linking in as many other subjects as we can along the way. In English we will be using a story set at the time of the fire to help the children see the influential event through the eyes of someone there. In Maths we will be continuing to use strategies learnt to support adding and subtraction with money also.

Term 3

Our topic this term is ‘What belongs in the ocean?’ We will be focusing on science and geography throughout the term. In English we will be using both fiction and non-fiction texts to discover more about oceans around us. In Maths we will be continuing to work on multiplication and division strategies while also solving a range of Maths problems throughout the term.

Term 4

In Year 2 the children will be starting the term thinking about what is in the past and in the present. The children have chosen to learn about transport from the past including; aeroplanes, cars and bicycles. The inventors we will focus on are the Wright brothers, Karl Benz, Pierre Lallement, Alexander Fleming, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. We will also be looking at influential people from the past such as Amelia Earhart and Mary Seacole and debating their impact on people’s lives.

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