Year 3 – Blackbird Class

Year 3 – Blackbird Class

Welcome to Year 3 – Blackbird Class

Term 1

This term we are learning about the Stone Age. We will be learning about what life was like in the Stone Age and what it would take to stay alive! We will be exploring Stone Age tools and their uses. We will investigate Skara Brae, a Neolithic Stone Age settlement, located on the Orkney’s. We will be using the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ to explore Stone Age camps, eventually imagining what it would be like to live in the Stone Age. We will be looking at the cave art found at Altamira and using sticks collected from our forest to create our own Stone Age paintings!


Term 2

Our topic this term is ‘Stone Age Adventures’. We will be focusing on learning about life in the Stone Age and making links to other curriculum areas. In Science our topic is Rocks and Soil. We will look at the different types of rocks and their properties. In Art this term we will focus on nature and materials with our visit to the Tate Modern enhancing this work. Our English and Reading will also feature the Stone Age this term.

Term 3

This term we are learning about folktales. We will be exploring the features of a folktale, including the use of poetic devices such as alliteration and similes. We will investigate the history of folktales,
including how they were spread and told. We will be comparing contemporary retellings, such as the Disney films, with the original version. The children will have opportunities to write their own endings to know folktales and perform them in a variety of different ways, including using puppetry and stop motion. We will be learning to write our own playscripts, including dialogue, which we then perform for others.

Term 5

This term we are investigating the world’s oceans. We will be exploring the different habitats and zones of the oceans, and the creatures that inhabit them. We will be choosing a sea creature to write a non-chronological report about, filling it with research from both books and the Internet. We will be investigating the causes of pollution within our oceans and exploring possible solutions. We will be looking at our own habits and how they might plan a part in pollution. The children will take part in a beach clean, using what they have learnt in statistics to fashion a report using tally charts, bar charts and recounts. We will also be using collected plastic recycling to create our own display illustrating the issues of plastic pollution, so please send any clean plastic recycling you may have!

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