Year 3 – Magpie Class

Year 3 – Magpie Class

Welcome to Year 3 – Magpie Class

Term 1

This term our topic will be all about food. We will be growing our own radishes and thinking about the journey of an avocado. We will be thinking about how we compare to countries where people go hungry and look at how food affects our bodies.

Term 2

Our topic this term is ‘Stone Age Adventures’. We will be focusing on learning about life in the Stone Age and making links to other curriculum areas. In Science our topic is Rocks and Soil. We will look at the different types of rocks and their properties. In Art this term we will focus on nature and materials with our visit to the Tate Modern enhancing this work. Our English and Reading will also feature the Stone Age this term.

Term 3

Our topic this term is ‘Robots’. We will be focusing on learning all about Robots, linking this to our Science topic of Forces and Magnets. During Design and Technology this term we will design and build a robot using recycled materials. Our English and Reading will also feature Robots this term, with our class book being the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Term 4

We will be learning about the ancient Egyptian civilization and how things they did then have had an impact on what we know and do in modern times. We will discover how archaeologists have found out about Egyptians and how we continue to learn more about their lives with modern technology. We will learn about the roles of pharaohs and how that compares to how our country is run today. We will investigate hieroglyphics and early mathematics which links to our own learning in English and Maths. We will find out about the Egyptian Gods and stories related to them.

Term 5

We will be learning about Africa and the differences across the continent. We will look at African art, music, and food to see how this may have influenced others in expressing themselves and how it might help us express ourselves. We will explore African folk tales in English and compare these to other folk tales. We will investigate the different physical features of the continent and how children live in different parts of Africa.

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