Year 4 – Swift Class

Year 4 – Swift Class

Welcome to Year 4 – Swift Class

Term 1

Term 1 is due to be a busy and exciting term. During this term’s work we will be looking at Ancient Egypt, learning about a variety of aspects from Egypt such as writing in hieroglyphics, the pyramids and the ancient Gods! We will also be including some practical work towards the end of term.

We will also be looking into animals and the environment this term, learning about different types of animals and classifying these. In addition to this we will be looking at environments around the world and learning about how to protect it.

Term 2

This term, as our focus is on chocolate, it ensures to be a very exciting one! We will be using chocolate as a focus for all of our learning, while in Topic we shall be learning about how the Fair Trade system works, where chocolate comes from and how to make it!

Term 3

This term our topic is Ancient Rome, this will give us a great chance to look into the past and explore the world!  We are going to be learning about myths and legends, Gods, Gladiators and so much more! Including how the Roman Empire has effected today!

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