Year 4 – Swift Class

Year 4 – Swift Class

Welcome to Year 4 – Swift Class

Due to current world events, we are aware that many of you have decided to self-isolate. Below are links to useful educational resources you and your children can access whilst they are not attending school.


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Term 1 – How we express ourselves

We will be learning about African culture in Swift class. This includes learning about the differences between our schooling system and theirs. This will give us a good opportunity to see how privileged we are in our country. Furthermore, we will be linking this in with our English book of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This includes learning about the manufacturing of chocolate the fair trade farming of cocoa plants. This gives us a great opportunity of following what the class would like to learn about. This further links with our science topic of ‘States of Matter’ and our understanding of solids, liquids and gasses. This gives us strong links to African Geography and the types of animals that live in Africa.

Term 2 – How we organise ourselves

We will be learning about advancement of Britain throughout the years. Focusing on the governments of the past and present. We will be learning about the struggles that the suffragettes went through in order to secure women’s votes in 1929. We will be linking our Line of Enquiry in with Geography and looking at how Britain’s landscape and towns have changed over the years. Furthermore, we will be celebrating the diversity we have in the UK today and how this has helped to create the modern British values we have today.

Term 3 – How we express ourselves

We will be learning about the development of space exploration in Swift class. This includes learning about the important people in space theories and development, as well as planets. This will give us the chance to explore our solar system. We will be able to gain an insight into how past ages viewed space and the milestones humans have taken in exploring our galaxy. We will be reading a book about Stephen Hawking, which will show us how people can overcome adversities to achieve greatness and make a real impact on the world, linking to our PSHCE topic. We will also be researching people such as Tim Peake and important Women in space exploration. This will give us a view as to how we share our galaxy, and how we can continue to explore it further.

Term 4 – Sharing the planet

This term provides us with some very exciting topics to investigate, as we begin the new term by looking into the production of FairTrade products as part of FairTrade Fortnight. This will give us the opportunity to look into how the global food industry works, and increase our awareness of the importance of buying FairTrade to ensure more equality. We will also be looking into how our choices can impact the people producing the food. This term we will also be looking to adopt an animal, this will be done by planning and undertaking a fundraiser within school. This will give us an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment, while making our own contribution to this cause.

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