Year 6 – Kestrel Class

Year 6 – Kestrel Class

Welcome to Year 6 – Kestrel Class

Term 1

Term 1 is due to be a busy and exciting term. During this term’s work we will be looking at World War Two. We will be looking at key parts of the war that the children have asked to learn about, such as rationing and the role that different people played during the war.

We will be learning about electrical circuits using drawings and using practical applications. We will be learning the correct symbols to use in circuits and applying our knowledge in a practical project.

Term 2

Due to high levels of interest and enjoyment, we are continuing with our topic of World War 2! We will be considering how World War 2 affected the entire world overall. We will be thinking about our own personal histories. Furthermore, we are going to consider the impact that the war had on different cultures of people.

Term 3

How do we survive? That is the question that we are going to be exploring throughout this term. We are going to be exploring the different habitats of animals and exploring human survival in extreme conditions. Furthermore, we will be investigating the lifespans of different animals.

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