Event Photographs

Event Photographs

Tree Tops Primary Academy in the snow

Snow 8 Snow 7 Snow 6 Snow 5 Snow 3 Snow 2 Snow 1

The grounds looked beautiful during the heavy snowfall at the end of February.


Warburtons  – Thursday 8th February 2018

Year 4 had great fun when Warburtons came in to visit us on the 8th February. The lesson helped the children learn by providing the right tools and information to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. The children learned how bread is made and they made their very own healthy sandwich!  The children and staff  had a lovely time and enjoyed ourselves.

IMG_0268[1] IMG_0267[1] IMG_0264[1]

Nursery Fun Day – Friday 7th July 2017

Bunnies invited the parents and their families to participate with the children in a mini sports day in the Nursery.  We welcomed over 40 family members and friends.  The sun was shining and a fun day was had by all, followed by a cream tea.

Nursery 2 Nursery 3 Nursery 4 Nursery 5 Nursery 6 Nursery 7 Nursery 8 Nursery 9 Nursery 10 Nursery 11 Nursery 12 Nursery 13 Nursery 14


Well being day – Friday 30th June 2017                                     

The Ned Show Assembly = Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best

The NED Programme uses a multi-sensory learning model to motivate, encourage and inspire pupils to become Champions at school and in life.  Here are some of the pictures from the assembly which included the gentleman doing fantastic yo yo tricks:

AssemblyYo YoBalloons

Well-being Forest School

Mr Holmes and the children had a wonderful day in the woods at the front of our school.  One of the objectives was to create a piece of land art using natural materials.

Forest 7   Forest 3   Forest 4  Forest 2   Forest 1

Forest 9 Forest 8   Forest 5


Book Week – 27th February to 3rd March

World Book Day turned into Book Week at Tree Tops Primary Academy. The children and staff worked hard on reinvigorating their book corners and the winners spent £50 on new books! The parents joined us for an afternoon of reading and we were lucky enough to have two authors visit us; Lotte Moore and Richard Dodd. They shared their books with us and answered our questions about being authors. Richard launched an exciting competition where the children have been asked to invent a villain for his next book. The winner will have the book dedicated to them and receive a hardback edition before anyone else!