Year 6 – Osprey Class

Year 6 – Osprey Class

Welcome to Year 6 – Osprey Class

Due to current world events, we will be continuing to provide useful educational resources for children to access whilst they are not attending school.

My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule

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Learning Update

Starting from next week, home learning tasks will be supported by ‘The National Academy’ and ‘BBC Bitesize’. These resources will be used to further enhance the regular learning updates that you are receiving, providing further guidance when exploring and learning new curriculum skills. The links to these learning resources have been included below, so that you can become familiar with the educational resources we will be using.

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Practice KS2 SATs Papers:

Term 1 – Who we are

In Year 6, the children will begin the year thinking about who they are; their strengths and weaknesses and how they change their mind-set so they can develop their resilience. They will also work as groups and in pairs to understand different cultures, beliefs and values as well as developing their communication and collaborative skills. The children have also chosen to explore the human body so we will be looking at the different systems, how they work and what is vital for the human body in order to be healthy.

Term 2 – Where we are in space and time

This term, Osprey class will be studying both the World Wars and how they have shaped the lives we have now. We shall also be looking at more recent conflicts and understanding how war affects people. Along with this, we shall also be looking at the Victoria Cross and George Cross medals and the attributes that have been shown in order to receive one.

Term 3 – How we express ourselves

This term, Osprey class will be studying mythical beasts and how they have adapted to their habitats. We shall also then be using this to look at other animals and how they have adapted to their environments and how the change in climate is affecting them as well as us.

Term 4 – How the world works

This term, Osprey class will be exploring the law, people’s rights and the use of social media. We shall be looking at why there are laws in place, why they were created and what can happen if they are broken. Also, we shall be investigating the pros and cons of social media and how social media is used.

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