At Tree Tops pupils learn a wide range of Geography skills such as map and globe reading and can further their knowledge about topics such as places, environmental change, weather, water and transference.

Through a number of interactive activities children learn how to read and use maps, understand co-ordinates on a grid, plan routes and identify ordnance survey symbols. We provide opportunities for the children to study the area immediately round the school, then compare this to national and global locations. Pupils practically observe, discuss and research to find key comparisons.

Pupils learn about nationally significant places in the United Kingdom and develop their knowledge of those in Europe and the rest of the world.

Interactive activities and virtual tours support learning, and at Tree Tops we draw on the experiences of current pupils and those from other Maidstone schools when planning to discover and compare localities.

Pupils are encouraged to look at issues involving environmental change including climate change, conservation, and pollution and recycling. Each class recycles fruit and paper and issues that affect the school like wind-blown litter.

DfE programme of study for Geography

Google Earth is a fantastic resource to use with the children, register here.