Modern Foreign Languages

At Tree Tops Primary Academy we value the importance of teaching languages from an early age. We want pupils with other language experience and skills to be recognised and their cultures and nationalities celebrated. We feel that learning about language helps build confidence and encourages an appreciation of one another both within our school community, their own local and the global community within which they live.

Throughout Key Stage 1, simple French vocabulary is introduced through meaningful activities linked to other areas of the curriculum. Singing and French games are also used to reinforce understanding.

In Key Stage 2, the children follow the ‘Toute le Monde’ programme. French is delivered through a programme of stimulating stories, songs and poems, interactive games, and books. The children have plenty of opportunity to practice simple conversation in order to reinforce their learning and build confidence and communication skills.

Wherever possible, we strive to broaden the children’s linguistic ability, and equip them with the fundamental skills to enable them to approach all languages represented at Tree Tops with confidence, for example answering the register and through communication at a group and individual level.