We believe that all children deserve the right to experience, achieve and enjoy music at Tree Tops, and we see the value that music has in enhancing well-being and joy through the practice of singing to a high standard.

Learning and teaching of music is not only based around the four areas covered in the National Curriculum (listening, composing, performing and evaluating) but also is embedded in our cross-curricular approach to learning.

We are lucky to have Academy Trust wide opportunities to enhances provision across our school, such as the joint choir who will form part of the Kent wide singing festival held at the O2 in London each year.

This gives the pupils exciting opportunities to take part in performance and sing in our choir.

Through weekly whole school singing, pupils are able to demonstrate proudly in performance in school, at the local church and in cross school opportunities that we are developing this year.

Pupils have the opportunity to practice a range of simple musical instruments and we are currently developing the provision of this across the school.