We expect everyone at Tree Tops Primary Academy to follow these two rules:

  1. Always follow adult given instructions the first time of asking.
  2. Keep your hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.


It is important to recognise outstanding student achievement and effort. At Tree Tops Primary Academy we pride ourselves on just doing that. There are a number of ways in which students are recognised for their marvellous effort and achievement these include:

  • Celebration Assemblies: Parents are invited to a celebration assembly at 9.15 am on Fridays where students are recognised for their achievements across all subjects.
  • Rewards Events: We have termly reward events which recognise pupils who have shown consistently good behaviour. These have included a “Witches and Wizards party”, Film night and Tea Party.
  • Raffle Tickets: Raffle tickets are used in lessons and around the school as on the spot rewards. These raffle tickets are then collected in classes and one ticket is pulled out in Monday’s assembly for a small prize.
  • Leavers’ Assembly:A celebration for students in Year 6 who will be leaving us for pastures new every September. This is usually held in the last week of term in July.