Modern Foreign Languages

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At Tree Tops Primary Academy, pupils learn Spanish as a foreign language, encouraging pupils to immerse themselves in and develop an enthusiasm for language learning. Pupils not only develop their self-esteem and confidence when speaking Spanish, but also explore the customs and cultural traditions where this language is predominantly spoken, such as Mexico, Spain and Argentina. Pupils also have the opportunity to consider similarities and differences between the culture which they are learning more about and our own multicultural Britain. 


The National Curriculum for MFL aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Learning is adapted and tailored to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with SEND, through adaptive teaching; including guidance from the EEF (Education Endowment foundation). Educators incorporate explicit instruction, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, scaffolding, flexible grouping and use of technology into daily classroom practice to ensure access for all.

Each lesson will include live marking (as per the Marking and Feedback Policy).  Homework is not formally set in MFL but children are encouraged to take part in enrichment opportunities such as listening to a foreign radio station or trying foreign foods. High quality teaching responds to the needs of children. An assessment grid (the foundation skills assessment) is used to formally record an overview of progress of each child.

Children will learn and experience the following: