Parental Conduct

At Tree Tops Primary Academy we are very fortunate to have a friendly and supportive parent and carer body . We recognise that educating children is a process that involves a partnership between parents, academy staff and the wider community. This partnership is one where staff/parents/carers understand the importance of being good role models for the children, promoting a good working relationship that equips the children with the necessary skills for adulthood.

In the same way as we expect the children of Tree Tops Primary Academy to behave whilst on the academy site, we expect all adults to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.

We will not tolerate any violent behaviour or verbal assault on each other or towards staff. If this ever occurs the academy will take action. This could include:

  • Immediate referral to the authorities
  • Immediate referral to the Police and we will prosecute.
  • A ban for those parent/carers causing a disruption on a school site

It is your responsibility to ensure that the children at Tree Tops Primary Academy do not have to witness behaviour of this nature.

In order to ensure we have a safe environment for your children other adults other than parents will not be allowed on school site. If children need to be collected by a family member or other adult you will need to contact the school in the usual manner.  We also ask that parents and carers come onto the school site appropriately dressed.

Our priority is to safeguard your children, so we appreciate your support in keeping our academy safe and in promoting our positive partnership.